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American Opportunity Zone Fund is committed to helping our investors and developers maximize this unique investment tool. We are equally committed to helping communities achieve their dreams and vision by leveraging this new investment tool to build the communities of their vision.

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Fund Overview

American Opportunity Zone Fund, (“AMOZF”) sponsors "qualified opportunity funds” in connection with the Federal Opportunity Zone Program. This program provides significant tax benefits to investors with capital gains. For more information on this program and AMOZF's "qualified opportunity funds” and its benefits, please contact us.

The Fund is focused on helping our investors maximize tax savings and generate long-term positive cash flow returns. The Fund will invest directly in opportunity zone real estate projects that help communities build their vision by attracting needed investment.

The real estate projects the Fund invests in will be targeted to generate cash distributions over the hold term and have strong prospects for substantial increase in equity at exit.

Investor Exit strategy

  • Target Hold Period: 10 Years
  • Fund active for 10 years
  • Investors will receive final disbursements after the 10-year required hold period at termination of the fund.

Investing approach

Diverse strategic investments in real estate projects that:

  • Generate cash distributions;
  • Strong prospect for increase in equity at exit;
  • Experienced development and management team;
  • Target of 10-year investment;
  • Consistent with community goals.

Project Investing Strategy

Project Ready List


  • Must be consistent with Community Goals and in an Opportunity Zone.
  • Advanced to the point where planning and engineering is advanced enough that construction can begin within a very short time.
  • Within a limited time (less than 30 months from funding) be able to pass the "significant improvement" test.
  • The project has demonstrated funding and is short in funding to finish its capital stack.

If you are an accredited investor and would like to learn more about American Opportunity Zone Fund and the projects we are investing in, please inquire here:  Questionnaire

Time & Investment Example

December 1, 2018

Sale generating a capital gain

Sales occurred on January 1, 2018.
(Need to make an investment in 180 days)

June 29, 2018

Capital Gain Investment of $700,000.00

(180 days past close of Fiscal year)

June 29, 2023

10% Step up = $70,000

(At 5 Years)

June 29, 2025

5% Step up = $35,000

(At 7 Years)

June 29, 2028

10 Year Hold Fair Market Value Election

(At 10 Years)

Ex. $700,000 investment has appreciated to $1.7 Million and is sold after holding for 10 years. No Tax on the appreciated amount.

Above Example: Capital gains reduced from $700,000 to $595,000. No taxes on $1,000,000 in gains from QOF appreciation. Total savings on capital gains taxes = $221,000 ($1,105,000 X 20% capital gains tax rate)

If you are an accredited investor and would like to learn more about American Opportunity Zone Fund and the projects we are investing in, please inquire hereQuestionnaire